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  • It is great to see you here and we hope you would remain patient with us as we work on the development of our new CFCPR.Org Civic Forum at Moodle. We look forward to working with you when this Civic Forum is fully constructed for the facilitation and promotion of the exchange of fresh, new, and vigorous democratic and civic ideas of the citizenry toward civic engagement. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Emmanuel Tetteh at

A few comments on how the Civic Forum will be facilitated:    

  1. Generally speaking, we will be monitoring and participating actively on the Civic Forum Discussion Board.
  2. If you have any immediate questions or concerns of a personal nature, you may contact us at
  3. Forum Navigation--Even if you have used Moodle before, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the functions of the Forum Navigation Buttons/Links so that you will understand how the forum is organized. For example, the Latest News area is where we will post announcements about featured books, new publications, important civic issues, updates and reminders about vital information.
  4.  Be sure to go to the Civic Forum Discussion Board and post your info, comments or feedback in response to the appropriate forum link.

We look forward to fostering the exchange of civic and democratic ideas to shape the moral values and civic virtues of the citizenry toward societal civility.

Best regards,

Dr. Emmanuel Tetteh


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